Welcome to our 2023 kick-off episode this January! In this episode, we will be discussing the topic of psychopaths and how to protect ourselves from them. It can be difficult to identify and avoid psychopaths as they may be present in any environment, and they may not always exhibit obvious warning signs. However, research has shown that certain jobs may attract higher numbers of psychopaths, including CEOs, lawyers, media, salespersons, surgeons, journalists, police officers, clergy, chefs, civil servants, and even bank presidents.

In light of recent news events and my own personal experience with an attack, we will also be discussing the role of law enforcement in protecting individuals from psychopaths and the importance of standing up for ourselves and taking action when we encounter dangerous individuals. We will also be discussing the issue of gaslighting, where individuals may encourage or support harmful behavior, and the need for accountability for those who participate in such actions. Sexual gaslighting can be incredibly destructive, and can be a way to cover up sexual assault and rape.

This will be a powerful and thought-provoking episode that you won’t want to miss. Join us as we discuss ways to protect ourselves and recognize the warning signs of psychopaths hiding in plain sight. As well as the necessary actions necessary to protect yourself. The days of suffering in silence are over! Corporate America is no longer a sleeping Giant …its wide Awake!


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